EDSA For Society 2015

EDSA (English Department Students Association) University of Kanjuruhan Malang, East Java, has implemented their annual work program “English for Society (EFS)” at Madrasah Aliyah Nassrudin, Dampit, on August, 2015, 18th to 20th. This occasion has been going on for two years and it was the mixture of EDSA Goes to School (EGS) program and social devotion derived from the result of mutual agreement at the time of Great Deliberation 2013. Since this occasion lasted for 3 days, EDSA’s committee had to camp in the Sumbersuko village, Dampit, Malang and EDSA also gave the free English course for children around EDSA’s Camp. More than 20 children came to get English course from EDSA. It shows that the society respect and happy because of our arrival. (lebih…)